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Powerful optimization methods done by professional team

You can reduce the response time and download speed by using recommendations for optimization prepared by a team of professionals individually for your website. This will allow you to reduce the server load, and therefore achieve a better user experience. All of this has a direct impact on the economic performance of your product

Reduce the cost of the servers

By reducing the server load you will be able to use extra production capacity that will be possible to reuse.

Reduce response time.

This will allow you to improve the quality of the user experience when interacting with your product, which always has a positive effect on your KPIs.

Reduction of LA and the number of queries to the database.

This will allow you to free resources for additional functionality and to stabilize the server ensuring reliable operation for a long time.

All of this has a direct impact on the economic performance of your product.

Enhanced performance in these fine companies
Smart static cache and CDN

Smart static cache and CDN

Get recommendations on optimization of caching static resources (images, scripts, styles) on the server side and the client side, in a pair of connecting third-party CDN. This will provide you with increase in download speed during the first visit and then instant resources loading for the user. It is important and necessary to any project.


Increased page load speed by 23%

Tough dynamic cache

Tough dynamic cache

We will explain how to set up a more sophisticated caching of dynamic content blocks so as to streamline the project. Solutions are selected individually, based on your project characteristics.


Load time of content pages shorten by 31%

Enhancement to search and DB queries

Enhancement to search and DB queries beta

Configuration and optimization of complex search requests and queries to the database which will allow you to reduce the query processing and server response time. This is an important attribute for projects that provide users with a large number of content.


The speed of search requests processing is higher by 21%

Become even faster
Case study

One of our clients, with over 1000000 daily unique users
(who prefer to remain anonymous)

2,85sec*First page loads before optimization

It’s faster than 58% of all tested websites

times faster
1,73sec*First page loads after optimization

It’s faster than 87% of all tested websites

* – tests done by

Performance monitoring

We will customize performance monitoring and loadings individually for your product or will work with this problem on a permanent basis.

Make you stay uptime

Application of visitor recommendations and implementation of our technologies will reduce the servers’ load which will increase resilience and will help to avoid possible hardware or software problems.

Reduce 503 and 504 to zero

Customization and optimization of cache makes your project available for download even when the back-end is partly or fully not functioning. You are always online for your users.

The team of professionals with a great experience

Summary our team members have more than 87 years of IT experience ready to be shared among other companies.

87 years
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